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Hand Tied Extensions near Puyallup, WA


Invisible Bead Extensions // IBE® Certified Stylist // Near Puyallup, WA


Wild Wood Hair Company – Sumner, WA

Reserving an in person meet n greet where we can discuss your specific needs and desires and make a hair plan.


Wild Wood Hair Company – Sumner, WA

Installation time and cost will vary depending on your current hair and your future hair goals and plans.

After Care

Wild Wood Hair Company – Sumner, WA

At home care is the most important step in long lasting, luxurious extensions. I've created an in depth guide for you!

Hand Tied Extensions in Sumner, WA


the best hair you've ever had.

Hand-Tied Extensions are a method that requires no glue, tape, or heat to apply. With minimal points of contact, this will put less pressure on your scalp + hair follicle, which means little to no damage if cared for properly at home.


These extensions are customized for you by adding length, fullness or color to your everyday look. Hand Tied Extensions create a look that is less invasive and longer lasting than alternative methods. Your extensions will be custom colored + cut to blend the most naturally with your current hair. Hand tied wefts are virtually undetectable giving you the best extensions you've ever had.


Hand-Tied Extension Pricing

Initial Investment

*All prices include the hair needed, custom color to extension hair for maximum blend, cut and style for finished look.

Just for Fullness

Adding in 1 row to add fullness to natural hair length

14 Inches


18 Inches


22 Inches


24 Inches


Maintenance / Tightening

$200 per row

After reviewing the initial investment pricing, you can book your Luxury Hand-Tied Extension Consultation!

Length + Fullness

Adding in 2 rows to add more than 2 inches of length and much more fullness

14 Inches


18 Inches


22 Inches


24 Inches


Mega Length + Fullness

Adding in 3 rows to add mega length (or to extremely short natural hair) and mega fullness

18 Inches


22 Inches


24 Inches



Invisible Bead Extensions (IBE)

Wild Wood Hair Company uses this method for extension installation. The ONLY method that consistently delivers the best results.

Invisible Bead Extensions were specifically created to solve 3 major problems encountered with the different type of hand-tied methods available.

  1. PREVENTS DAMAGE- to the clients hair and scalp from tensions, over-direction and haphazard installs.

  2. ELIMINATES DISCOMFORT- due to the contact of beads on the scalp and the common “clamp and crank” beading approach.

  3. STYLING VERSATILITY- which means no more exposed beads, bonds, or braids when wearing your hair up.

Hair Extensions in Sumner, WA
Hand Tied Extensions near Puyallup, WA

Luxury Hair Consultations

Wild Wood Hair Company's luxury hair services are customized to fit each client's DREAM look. I pride myself on taking care of my guests and giving them the exact look and experience they are looking for! To better understand your luxury hair goals and accurately price out your new look - I'd love to do a complimentary consultation with you.

Consultations are required to book with Wild Wood Hair Company. Book your Luxury Hair consultation!

  • What are hand-tied extensions?
    Hand-tied extensions are not a method (its okay, a lot of clients think this) but its a way the hair is actually made. Hand tied wefts are the lightest, most natural when sewn onto your beaded row.
  • How are hand-tied extensions installed?
    After I make a horse shoe shape which follows the natural curve of your head, I install a track line made of silicone lined beads. I then sew the hand tied wefts onto that track line, which allows for realistic movement.
  • What methods am I certified in?
    Invisible Bead Extensions (IBE) is one of the methods I (Paige, Owner of Wild Wood Hair) am certified in. Invisible means that the beads are not visible from the flip up underneath or above. The most seamless methods is what I aspire for.
  • How long does the extension hair last?
    One great thing about hand-tied hair, is that it lasts much longer than other extension hair. Average lifespan of hair is usually 9-12 months. There are a few factors in this like client care, sun exposure and if it is blonde or brunette tones.
  • How often do I get my extensions moved up?
    After your initial install typically clients get a move up between 8-10 weeks.
  • Can anyone get extensions installed?
    While hand tied extensions are for most people including fine haired clients, I always do a in person consultation to discuss your hair length and what can be realistic for you. I want to make sure your hair goals are achieved! Book your consultation here!
  • How much do hand-tied extensions cost?
    Please review my general pricing and initial investment pricing. I always do a consultation to color match + go over the final cost. Every clients needs are different and the in person consultation is where the end outcome can be discussed to get exact pricing. Book your consultation here!

Are you ready to elevate your hair game?

Hair Extension After Care Guide

Hair Guide

Let's protect your investment

Learn how to protect your gorgeous locks after your installation. The Hair Guide has EVERYTHING you will need including; Cleansing, Drying, Products, Sleeping, Styling and more. 

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